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Jacob Matthews
Director of Fitness and Sports Performance

My career in the fitness industry started over ten years ago when I was injured playing high
school baseball, I had to focus on getting stronger and faster in order to return to my sport.
This clearly demonstrated how important a training routine was in order to compete at a
higher level. So my passion for fitness and training began. I have worked as a master trainer
for a national fitness club and have been successful with all shapes, sizes, and body types
reach their goal. To further my professional career I worked with UCLA athletic performance. I
had the opportunity to train some of the number one teams and athletes in the country such
as volleyball, water polo, soccer, rugby and many more. I love to apply appropriate science
and proven program design as the cornerstone of my training programs.
• B.S. Exercise Physiology
• Nasm Certified Personal Trainer
• NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist



Alan Vogel

"Hi, my name is Alan Vogel and I am the owner/director of California Sport and Fitness in Huntington Beach. I have a Graduate Degree from Columbia University and have earned a nationally recognized advanced specialty in orthopedics. Throughout my career, I have committed myself to continued advancement of clinical skills through continuing education, guest lecturing at local universities, and involvement with my professional organization."
  • Guest Lecturer USC Physical Therapy School Guest Lecturer Long
  • Beach State Therapy School U.S. Olympic Rowing Team Physical
  • Therapist Consultant St. Louis Cardinals 
  • National Recognized Orthopedic Specialist
  • Ergonomic Consultant Huntington Beach
  • Huntington Beach Union High School District Union High School District
  • Sports Rehabilitation Adviser
I have an extensive background in sports medicine, working with professional, Olympic, and weekend athletes. I have used this philosophy for a successful back and neck rehabilitation program, along with successful treatments for craniofacial pain, TMJ, and headaches. Along with having an advanced orthopedic degree, I have recently been certified in ergonomics to help my clients and their employers take a proactive approach to preventing injuries at work or at home. 
We offer therapeutic services by dedicated professionals with a passion for patient care. We support many high school athletic teams, and apply the latest sports medicine and training philosophies to our rehab program. We offer extended hours, a dynamic staff, and the equipment needed for successful experience no matter what your level or end goal.
Whether you are a competitive athlete, a dedicated golfer, or just a serious mall shopper, we strive to optimal fitness goals.


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Guillermo Ramirez
Personal Trainer

As a Fitness Specialist, I build strength through movements while focusing on fundamentals
such as Coordination, Balance, Posture, Flexibility, Mobility, and proper mechanics. I have
worked with sedentary individuals to athletes, no matter your background, anyone can
benefit by improving how they move. Learn the fundamentals of human movement, train the
body to move with proper mechanics and apply it to your daily activities. Eliminate aches and
pains due to poor posture and prevent injuries. Perform better whether you want to increase
strength, power, lean muscle, tone up or simply want to improve the quality of your life – it
begins with the way we move.
• B.S Kinesiology
• AAAi/ISMA Master Trainer
• Fitness Specialist


Trainer Bio's (1)
Kayla Van Nuland
Personal Trainer

Originally from Northern California, Kayla moved to Orange County in 2012 and has been
personal training for over 5 years. As a former dancer and athlete through high school, Kayla
encourages her clients to move more every day and find fun things to do to keep active even
outside of the gym. She enjoys hiking, standup paddle boarding, sports, and dancing when
she’s not training. As a double-certified personal trainer, she specializes in functional
resistance training for women and men, senior fitness, and nutrition.
  • ACE-Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Nutrition Specialist
  • Senior Fitness Specialist
  • TRX-certified


BrettJohnsonBioBrett Johnson: Manager "My name is Brett Johnson. I am a certified athletic trainer, licensed physical therapist assistant and certified strength and conditioning specialist. I graduated from Southern California College in 1992 with a Bachelor degree in Sport Science and PTA license from Cerritos College in 1994. For the last 10 years I have been training all levels of athletes. From Little League baseball players all the way to Major League baseball players. I also have developed a core stabilization program with emphasis on baseball conditioning as well as utilizing a plyometric training program for female athletes to prevent ACL injuries. In addition, I have been working with California Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy for the past 12 years and have expertise training in rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance enhancement. As part of my commitment to the community, I have developed Sport Medicine programs and provided Certified Athletic Trainers to several local high schools.


teamPhotoScott McCrimmon: PTA
  • B.S Exercise Physiology Chapman College
  • Clinical instructor and advisor Physical Therapy Asst. program Stanbridge College
  • Certified: TRX Trainer/ASTYM Tissue Regeneration/FMS

Scott has over 20 years of experience with Cal Rehab and Sports Therapy.

Scott works with the local high schools providing internships for students looking to achieve high school and college credits. As well as providing training and mentoring for individual athletes and teams looking to improve their overall fitness, speed and agility in their respected sports. Scott was a college athlete who continues to stay active even outside of Cal Sport Fitness Center and Rehab. Always trying to achieve his goal of educating and training athletes on the importance of fitness and proper training for continued participation in the sport they love.