Sport Performance Training

Are you looking to get an edge on your competition?

Come train at cal sport fit and train with your team or with a friend.
Exercise programs are designed to improve strength, speed , explosiveness, agility and over all confidence.

Pre and post testing are performed with each athlete that comes through the door.
So if your looking to take your game to the next level- sport performance training is right for you.

Call now and talk to Brett and see how you can get started.

What and Why Speed and Agility Training:

The term “speed” refers to how quickly you can move, measured by how much time it takes to travel a specific distance. The more distance you can cover in a given period of time, the greater your ability to generate speed. “Agility,” refers to the ability to start, accelerate, stop or change direction quickly. Agility provides the foundation for many athletic skills like jumping, juking, rolling and dribbling.

Why Speed and Agility Training is Important:

For those who play sports like basketball, tennis or soccer, speed and agility training provides the baseline athleticism necessary to refine their sport-specific skills. But speed and agility training is not exclusively for sport-specific athletes. People of all fitness levels can develop their functional strength, increase core stability and improve the way they move with speed and agility training.