What is the Functional Movement Screen (FMS)?

  • The FMS is a well-researched ranking and grading system that analyzes various movement patterns that are critical to optimal function. By screening these different patterns, the FMS can identify functional limitations and asymmetries that could be reducing the effects of your workouts and training, and ultimately limit you from performing your best!


Who’s using it?

  • The FMS is currently being used by teams in virtually every professional sport, including the San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, the US Women’s National Hockey Team, Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, Seattle Sounders, LA Galaxy, Stanford University, all branches of the US military, Secret Services, and the Orange County Fire Department to name a few.


How does it work?

  • An FMS trained physical therapist will take you through a series of movement tests to help you target your problem areas and track your progress. Your FMS score identifies a functional baseline that we can build on with exercises that are customized to address your unique needs as an athlete.


Why is sports screening important?

  • The FMS and our sports screening program can help you identity your risks for future injury, as well as finding deficits in your training that may be keeping you from participating at an optimal level.


What sports and activities might benefit?

  • Athletes of all different skill levels from the weekend warrior to the high school athlete to the elite level of ANY sport! If you’ve had injuries in the past or find yourself injury prone, let us show you how deficits in your movement patterns might be holding you back.


Do you provide sports screening for teams?

  • YES! Please contact us to schedule a free consult with one of our PT movement experts to find out how a completely customized sports screen can help your team get to the next level. A sports screening can be performed at your location by licensed physical therapists.
  • Your customized screening will be sports-specific, focused on the skills you want to measure and enhance…including fitness levels, agility, speed, quickness, functional strength & power, balance, stability, and of course, injury-risk. Screening can be performed at any time in the season!